What People Say

“She is a very kind and genuine person and has a good spectrum of direct or indirect techniques at her disposal to get through challenging blocks. When I approached Kaye, I was struggling with my job /employer and getting worked up about different aspects of my work life. Kaye helped me to take a step back and see it from a different perspective and crucially to gain distance from some opinions and judgments which were holding me back.”

GH – Marketing Manager

“One of the hardest things was to realise that my behavior could have a major impact on everyone else, but after a few sessions I soon realized and became aware of my actions, although a finger was never pointed at me.

To sum up Kaye, she has a great presence that I thought would intimidate me but what it did was the opposite...she has a way with words that makes you think differently about yourself, makes you think ‘outside the box’.”

HP - Director, Small Business

“I have become a lot more confident and this has in turn enabled me to better manage the high levels of stress which I was experiencing at the start of my new job. I now have a much better professional relationship with my colleagues and, most importantly, with my manager. The improvement I have seen from my professional development feedback with my manager has been beyond expectation. ”

MP – Safety Design Engineer

“I went in thinking I was seeking a solution to a specific problem, but once we got started, I realised so much more – that the ‘problem’ wasn’t really the issue, but a symptom of something deeper and broader. Kaye helped me step back from it all, and only then I saw what was really wrong. Our sessions were helpful in a way I had not expected, and now I can see what I need to do to move forward. ”

KN – Equity Analyst

“I have more confidence in realising my potential. I am more self- aware regarding my achievements, strengths and qualities as well as of my strengths, qualities and weaknesses to work on. I have noticed a change, in being more open and with a greater perspective. The tone of the workshops had a very positive effect on my general mood and well-being. ”

ZM - Solicitor

“I was really impressed by Kaye’s ability to ask the right questions, see through what I was actually saying and how this was impacting on my ‘reality’. The thing that has changed the most is my level of confidence in myself and what I have to offer in the workplace.”

KD - Marketing Manager

“Through Kaye's very clever questioning I have changed my personal perception of my work situation and as a result am able to work more successfully with my manager. On a personal front, I have become more confident, especially when dealing with difficult situations, which before would have become confrontational.”

JS - Operations Manager

“I’m usually quite cynical about these types of workshops, but I found it to be thought-provoking, interesting and helpful.

It was particularly useful to look at myself ‘inwards’ and analyse how I interact and deal with colleagues and clients alike (as well as people in my personal life)

The course aided my understanding on how I can use my skills to maximise my potential in my career and look to overcome some of my ‘barriers’.”

KH – Lawyer (Associate)

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

– Henry Ford

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